Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 in review

it's been a heck of a year, and i can't say that i'm sad to say it's over. a lot of people i care about experienced various forms of weirdness, illness and death in their lives. it created an air of negativity for most of the year. i don't want to get into it anymore than that.

but some good things happened too. rollum & i took a much-needed vacation to barbados. the features released their album. obama won! and so did my dad, as secretary treasurer for the nashville musician's union. we checked some things off our house to-do list (painted the bathroom, hired mark to paint the living room). got to spend another week in california. so...not all negative.

it was also the year of weddings. i attended SEVEN in 08. they were all lovely!

favorite albums of the year:
-the walkmen 'you and me'
-the features 'some kind of salvation'

i only remember seeing one movie this year - the batman one. maybe i saw more, i just can't remember...i also can't remember if i read any books? i know i read the new david sedaris one. and 'life of pi'.

i suppose i could share my resolutions for 09, but i haven't quite thought about them yet. yes, the typical eat better/exercise more. get out of that mountain of debt. spend more time doing creative-ish things. i'm also in the process of becoming a 'big sister' for big brothers big sisters, so i am excited about that.

i wish everyone health and happiness. here's to 2009!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

gocco projects

my two readers (hey carolyn & kim!) have both nudged me to make a post, so here i am. perhaps i can resolve to write something at once a week in the coming year.

anyway, i have finally created something(s) with my gocco!

i made this one a few months ago - the text is from a card that my mom wrote me in november 1996. i was living in the dorms at mtsu at the time, and even though i lived just 45 minutes away from her, she constantly sent me cards, notes, pictures, letters, etc. after she died, i sorted through all that stuff and came across a card - it had this fairy-looking thing on it, and inside was the text you see below. i kept that card in my night stand for the past few years. and i decided to turn it into my first gocco project, so i could share those words with my family. i photocopied her message & then sketched what i imagined an 'elf attendant' would look like. (i ran into a problem with the green ink - when i squirted it onto the screen, some clear liquid came out with it and messed it up a little. so the "this" didn't come out well AT ALL. instead of burning a new screen, i just decided to fill in the bare spots with an ink pen afterwards.)

and on to my 2008 christmas card. i finally figured out how to download a bunch of nifty fonts and stuff, and i instantly fell in love with this one. as for the drawing ... just a little sketch.