Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the walkmen - 4 members + the privates - keith + luke =

"thinking of a dream i had" live at the basement, nashville, tn. the 13th of october:

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


i ran into food lion last night to pick up a few ingredients for chili. the man in front of me at the checkout lane didn't have his food lion card, so he used mine. he thanked me and i made a joke that we could call it even if he paid for my groceries. ha ha ha. based on those few words i spoke, the cashier was like, "are you from canada?"
"you have a REALLY northern accent."
i told him i've lived in tennessee for 20 years.
"where'd you live before that?"
i said california.
"what part?"
"southern california, near los angeles."
"my step brother lives in torrence. do you know where that is?"
"you're only buying ONE jalapeno pepper? that's really funny."

really northern accent?!? i realize little hints of mid-western-ness may sneak in every once in awhile, but really northern?!?

Monday, October 6, 2008

kicking, birthdays, carbs and soccer

i just returned from a 'cardio box' class at the ymca, and my face is as red as a beet. i tried a beginning kickbox class a couple months ago and thought this class would be more punching-oriented (because the description said "just want to punch? this class is for you!"). but that was quite misleading. this class should be called 'advanced kickboxing for coordinated, in shape crazy folk'.  my feeble knees don't do so well with all the side kicks. or forward or back kicks. bad news for katie. i plan to stick with my monday night yoga at the smyrna rec center from now on.

yesterday was rollum's 29th birthday. i didn't get him any gifts, because that scooter should take care of any and all gifts for the next 10 years. i'm only slightly kidding. instead i fixed a cheesecake with cherry compote topping and a vegetable lasagna (filled with eggplant, squash, zucchini, broccoli, carrots and onion. and lots of cheese and sauce). i feel like i spent the entire weekend in the kitchen.  but the meal was good and rollum seemed to enjoy it.  and i broke my semi south-beach-ish diet to enjoy the fruits (or in this case, carbohydrates) of my labor.  

saturday afternoon, i attended elliott's soccer game.  here's a picture of the little dude in his uniform, because he looks so darn cute in it.  he scored the only 2 goals for his team that day. (carrie & jason decided his team's kinda like the bad news bears. the other teams all seem to have a better grasp on the concept of soccer. they set shots up for each other and stuff. elliott's team kinda chokes whenever they have the ball. but i think he's having fun, so that's all that matters, eh?).  go e-moon!