Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the walkmen - 4 members + the privates - keith + luke =

"thinking of a dream i had" live at the basement, nashville, tn. the 13th of october:


theblondemule said...

So cool! I wish I had been there!

carolyn said...

grrr...i hate when i miss things like this! that's so awesome! they totally rocked it!
i need more info. was in in the middle of the set? it looks like they go back to playing?

April said...

i didn't see you there! i must have been slightly oblivious due to my excitement.

and though i do not know any of those privates dudes, i found "thinking of a dream i had"-experience very heart-warming. congrats to them.

carolyn said...

the blogging world misses you and needs new posts! i know, i know...i'm one to talk!!