Wednesday, October 8, 2008


i ran into food lion last night to pick up a few ingredients for chili. the man in front of me at the checkout lane didn't have his food lion card, so he used mine. he thanked me and i made a joke that we could call it even if he paid for my groceries. ha ha ha. based on those few words i spoke, the cashier was like, "are you from canada?"
"you have a REALLY northern accent."
i told him i've lived in tennessee for 20 years.
"where'd you live before that?"
i said california.
"what part?"
"southern california, near los angeles."
"my step brother lives in torrence. do you know where that is?"
"you're only buying ONE jalapeno pepper? that's really funny."

really northern accent?!? i realize little hints of mid-western-ness may sneak in every once in awhile, but really northern?!?

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theblondemule said...

I blame Sarah Palin. All her talk about hockey moms & Canada has gotten people confused.