Saturday, April 26, 2008

adventures in yard sales

i went to a yard sale in my 'hood during my break from work yesterday and spotted a 70s canon camera for sale.  i came home and did a little research and decided to buy it this morning, if it was still there.  it was, so i did.  there was a roll of film already in it, so i snapped some pictures in my backyard and took the film to walgreens.  it came back blank. so i thought, 'maybe the film was overexposed' so i bought a fresh roll...took some more pictures in my backyard...went back to walgreens=blank again!   i went back to the lady's house and thankfully she gave me my money back. (she had never even used the camera.  she said a woman had left it at her place of employment & never came back for it, so after a year she took it home, but it sat in the closet for years and years).  phew!  i was kinda concerned that i had paid a bit too much for it to begin with, so i am happy the way this all played out.  even though i feel like i've kinda wasted my saturday - 4 trips to walgreens, 1 visit to the Y, 1 mini sandwich at jersey mike's, and browsing at kohl's while i was waiting for film #2 to be processed.

i went to a few other yard sales this morning.  question:  why do people sell used socks, boxers, and bras at yard sales?  question:  does anyone actually buy used socks, boxers, and bras at yard sales? 

i ended up buying "the very best of talk talk" and xtc's "english settlement" on cd.  apparently we already have the talk talk cd.  and an old reader's digest book on sewing that i may pass along to carolyn if she's interested.  

this whole camera thing gave me a photography bug though.  i need to do a little more research and perhaps i'll find another cool old camera somewhere.  

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