Monday, July 7, 2008

pie time

i spent the better part of sunday afternoon making this bad boy. it's probably a good thing that apricot season doesn't last longer, or else i'd be tempted to make it more often. a good mixture of tart and sweet, and the hazelnut topping adds a little saltiness to it too. i didn't change anything about the recipe, except i shortened the cooking time (even still, the bottom of the crust got a little burnt).
apricot-raspberry pie with hazelnut streusel topping

we watched the diving bell & the butterfly last night...very, very good. earlier in the week i watched persepolis. please share any movie recommendations with me. i've hi-jacked the netflix account for the time being. i think i need something without subtitles next...


artsy said...

i'm so out of touch when it comes to movies. i used to like artsy fartsy independent films with subtitles and the like. but now that i have children old enough to get bored and repeat things, i've had to give them up. sigh. when i crawl out from under this rock, i'll be 15 years behind!

the pie looks scrumptious, btw.

alexis said...

holy crap i WANT this pie. i LOVE apricots.
and i also love the diving bell & the butterfly. i would recommend Batman: The Dark Knight at the IMAX this weekend. are you guys in?