Thursday, March 12, 2009

almond joy

almonds and almond-related products rule. lately, i've been enjoying:

  • almond milk with my cereal (corn flakes + muesli)
  • trader joe's spicy & tangy almonds (flavored with tabasco sauce and lemon juice. it's weird that i like these so much, because i don't really like the flavor of tabasco. go figure. but these nuts are good.)

i haven't tried almond butter, but i'm sure i'd like it. i'd also like to get some almond flour and try baking with it.

hooray for almonds!


Bona Fide Mama said...

yay! almonds! have you ever made almond milk? sigh. the homemade almond milk is totally to die for!

PaperdayStudio aka Katie Stephenson said...

I love almonds too. Almond paste, almond liquor, almond lotion, almond soap, almond nuts are about the least exciting but kinda fun too :)