Monday, January 11, 2010

vegetarian matzo ball soup

since the number of jewish vegetarian readers i have is approximately ≤ 0, i don't really know why i am posting this link. but - i made this vegetarian matzo ball soup over the weekend.  this is my first time attempting mazto ball soup (normally the task falls to my catholic dad - go figure - i don't think my jewish mom ever made it).  anyway, it turned out ok - it's hard to judge because i am used to the way my dad's tastes, and this is my first time ever eating a tofu-based matzo ball.  i actually like matzo balls when they're a little hard, and these were a little too fluffy/soft.  but there may have been a critical error on my part (mine didn't do the float/drop thing when i lifted the lid, but after reading the comments on the recipe site, i should've lowered the temperature after putting the lid on the pot).  the broth was fantastic.  and i also made yeast rolls, but they were gross.  too yeasty and no flavor. but it's fun to see dough rise and i'd love to attempt other breads in the future.
my balls, pre-boiling

  • if you're wondering, "what is matzo ball soup?" - click here.
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KV said...

mmm, i love matzo ball soup. i'll have to try this soon.

theblondemule said...

"My balls," hahaha!