Monday, November 15, 2010

garlic knots

seems like tastespotting and food blogs are all a-flutter with variations on these little guys, so i decided to try them out.   i followed annie's eats recipe and they turned out great.

-my dough was pretty sticky in the mixer, so i had to add probably 1/2 cup more flour. her description of dough texture was really helpful during this part. 
-when i divided the dough, i flattened out the dough ball and cut (like a pizza) into 16 pieces (instead of her 10 dough balls). 
-for the topping, i used 2 TBS melted sweet unsalted butter, 1 clove garlic, dried basil & about 1 TBS of this olive oil/garlic stuff i had in the pantry.  next time, i will add some salt. that was about the only criticism i had of the overall taste. 
-i plan on trying out (never home)maker's pumpkin version next time (maybe for thanksgiving?) so i'll report back.


The Blonde Mule said...

I've been noticing these a lot lately, too. I may try them now. Thanks!

Panda Parables said...

it's a good thing to try if you've never done anything with yeast before. it broke down my yeast fear barrier. heh.

lauren said...

i am definitely trying this recipe (when i find time). there was this little italian restaurant jason and i ate at in atlanta that served these as their table bread.