Sunday, May 15, 2011

the panda sews: free as a bird tote

i spotted the fabric that heather moore designed for cloud9 fabrics on a few sewing/fabric websites and instantly fell in love.  in an effort to keep my fabric purchases at bay, i held off purchasing some, although "free as a bird" was tempting me every time i trolled for fabric online.  i was surprised to see it for sale on, and since i needed wanted to order the amy butler barcelona skirt pattern, i went ahead and picked up a yard. I LOVE IT. i knew it would pair great with some dark grey linen i got at hancock, so today i made tote bag, using the same lotta pattern i used for the mushroom tote.

note: when i made the mushroom tote, i had a hard time sewing the straps onto the bag. lotta says to attach them by sewing a rectangle - i did such a piss poor job on that thing, so i ripped up my initial stitches and re-did them {exercising more patience this time around}... it looks TONS better.  all that to say: when it came time to sew the handles onto this bag, i felt much more confident.

another note: i plan on buying some more of this fabric ASAP - i think it would make a lovely skirt!


Carolyn said...

Whoa! Look at you go!!! I'm so happy that you have found something you love to do so much! You've inspired me to get back to the machine too!
I went by Textile the other day and ALMOST paid full price for a few awesome fabrics, but the nice lady behind the counter tipped me off that they are soon to have one of their awesome 50% off sales! Whew!
I'm sure you get their promo emails too, but I'll forward it to you when I get it!

Panda Parables said...

i don't think i'm signed up for their emails, so please do!
i bought the amy butler skirt pattern, so if you want to get together and finish your skirt up/borrow it, let me know.