Monday, February 4, 2013

the panda quilts: #14: Dad Quilt

borrowed the neighbor's fence for this photo

Since both of my sisters got quilts for Christmas 2011, I wanted to make one for my Dad for 2012. I had bookmarked the pattern for this quilt when I saw it about a year ago - the simplicity of the solids always struck me - and I figured it would suit my Dad quite nicely. He has shades of browns and maroons in his living room, and a really pretty comforter from anthropologie (!) in his bedroom (he has fine taste for a 60-something-year-old man), so I thought this quilt would match well wherever he decides to use it.
I got a kona cotton fat quarter bundle ("merlot") and used most of those (along with some other kona solids I had)...and the main background/sashing fabric is kona stone.  Merry Christmas, Dad!!
squares. you wouldn't believe how much i played around with the color arrangement.
quilt top, pre-basting

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