Tuesday, August 12, 2008


so it's been several weeks since i've written anything. has the allure of this thing finally worn off?

here's what i've been up to:
  • i got a new camera! thanks to birthday money from my dad & courtney, the $100 i got for doing a market research study about beans, and my chase visa.
  • i turned 31!

  • rollum got a scooter (no exclamation point for that one)
  • comcast finally figured out the error of their ways and took away our "free" expanded cable. no more "mad men", "project runway", and work-from-home sessions in front of "clean house." boo. we have 20 channels now, half of which air constant evangelical christian programs (no exclamation point)
  • finally put my gocco to use! it came out of its box to help print some of alexis and dave's awesome wedding invitations, designed by the super talented kelly. i am no longer afraid of it, but i must find a workspace at my house so i can get started on some of my own stuff!


theblondemule said...

You're back!

Sorry about your cable. The Consumerist just did a piece on the 2 worst companies & they were Comcast & Countrywide.

carolyn said...

hell yeah, it's about time the gocco got some use! oh, and i still owe you a birthday present!!!! it is waiting for you!!