Saturday, August 16, 2008

yard sale treasures

i had good yard sale luck today. woke up around 10:30 and searched for "smyrna garage sales" on craiglist, and here's what i got:

first stop: sam davis road; a woman and her daugher, around my age. lots of cool antique-y stuff. i was just going to buy the bird salt & pepper shakers and the yellow glass thing; i liked the painting but part of me wondered if it was a little too "motel art" or "bob ross." (I was laughing at myself for thinking so hard about whether or not i wanted to spend $2 on it). the daughter ended up selling me the painting and the other goodies for $2.75 (!?). the woman said her aunt painted it in the 1920s; her name was lola and she lived to be almost 100. i told her i'd hang it in my computer room. after i heard the backstory about lola, i grew to love the painting and wish i had paid them more for my goodies.

next i ended up off hazelwood; it was an old lady in an electric wheelchair and her husband. she talked at length about her health and how this would probably be the last garage sale she had. also how her daughter owns a salon and wanted to re-do the colors, so there were some salon hair dryers for sale. she had lots of owls for sale & i picked out the coolest ones - 25 cents each! and a plastic purity milk crate for 50 cents.
(yellow glass was from the first yard sale)

i love all my goodies! but i need to watch this owl collection i seem to have started. reminds me of the sorority girl roommate i had in 1997; she was in chi omega and had an entire bookshelf filled with hundreds of owls (i guess that's their "symbol"?) this was the apartment i also shared with a chinese girl who cooked chicken claws.


Mandy said...

Hey I love owls too. But I've stopped collecting them mostly because I have almost three kids. Mama collected owls in the late 70's early 80's until this crazy guy came into our house and said that owls were demonic. She got rid of them immediately. Great yard sale finds indeed!

theblondemule said...

First of all, I'm cracking up at "chicken claws". Hilarious.

Secondly, I was also in said owl sorority & yes, that was our mascot. Who was your roommate? I had to have known her...

Good finds!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Katie... I was also a "Chi Omega." Did I never tell you? I LOVE the owls!!! They are becoming the "in" thing. I decided to do Wilke Lynn's nursery in an Owl theme (since she's a legacy)... and it was sooo hard to find cute, girly, baby themed owls. It's all done, and now BabyGap, Old Navy, Pottery Barn Kids, etc are all on the Owl bandwagon... go figure. :-)
-Sarah Jasmine