Friday, October 30, 2009

He says I got to obey him

The wind blew this note onto my driveway today, which was obviously passed back and forth between two friends. I didn't know teenagers (or pre-teens?) still wrote notes. With pencils and paper. I thought it was all text messages nowadays. The scan didn't really turn out, so I'll transcribe it below. If I can get a decent scan, I may try to submit it to FOUND Magazine. I wish I knew what Chases' letter said.

Chase gave me a letter, but there are some parts that are sort of rude
Can I read it?
Wow, thats deep
Yeah. It encourages me a little bit but Chase needs not be so rude on certain parts.
He says I got to obey him and I don't necessarily have to! I love him, but he doesn't need to be rude!! And if he's not rude, I want to kiss him!! But he won't be rude to me!!

awwh. How Long have you been going out?
Since May 22nd

Wow thats a long time.
Yeah. I had known for almost 2 years and now its been over 2 years since I met him
That's awsome. Ive know one of my friends scence we were 7 years old.
Wow. Um, I met somebody and known her since I was 5.
Oh wow. Ive known Mariah scince I was 4.


theblondemule said...

Ahh, young love in Smyrna. I have fond memories.....

You should definitely turn this in to Found.

mandy @ bona fide mama said...

i known you since i was 13. ;)

Carolyn said...

i absolutely love this.