Friday, March 11, 2011

crispy fried plantains

i think there's 2 kinds of cooks out there: those who plan out meals, print out recipes, and scour cookbooks (that's me). and the other type throws meals together on a whim, based on what's on hand in the fridge and pantry (that's the mister).   i have to admire his ability to spice things just right, and he really is an ace at indian food and "asian"-ish noodles (made with tofu & whatever veggies we have in the fridge). 

the other night, i remarked that the plantain was about to go bad, and he immediately said, "you know what would be good..." and before i knew it, he was crunching up corn flakes and we ended up with these guys:

my only input was suggesting that he needed a liquid before "dredging" the plantain in the coating.

crispy fried plantains
serves 2. good for snacking or dessert

1 plantain
coconut oil
coconut milk creamer (or coconut milk...or almond milk)
crushed up corn flakes
a few dashes of ground ginger
a few dashes of cayenne pepper
a little bit of brown sugar
honey, for drizzling

peel the plantain and cut into small discs.   crush up the corn flakes in a small bowl, and mix in your spices and sugar.  pour a little coconut milk creamer in a separate dish.  melt a bit of coconut oil in a nonstick pan. then create a little assembly line: dunk each piece in the creamer, cover with the corn flakes, and place in the frying pan. flip the pieces after each side gets brown and crispy, and drizzle with honey.

the recipe-follower in me apologizes for the vagueness of this recipe (i.e.: "a little bit of this..."), but since this was just thrown together on a whim (mainly by someone else), i did the best i could!


Vegiegail said...

YUM! I love plantains! They'd be so good cooked in coconut oil! And I'm super excited to have another recipe that uses my favorite So Delicious Coconut Milk Creamer! Thanks so much for sharing!

Panda Parables said...

we thought shredded coconut would be awesome w/ the corn flakes too, but we didn't have any on hand (i've since remedied that and we're gonna try to make 'em again soon!) also...coconut milk creamer IS the best. i can't stand the soy stuff. thanks for stopping by!

alexis said...

you and rollum should write a cookbook with a mix of your type-a and type-b cooking styles. i would buy it.