Saturday, April 5, 2014

the panda quilts: #24: 1001 peeps quilt for asher

I made this quilt in January for one of the Mister's old high school pals. He had stopped by our house a few months prior - as he passed through my sewing room, he expressed a bit of interest in my fabric cabinet, and knowing I'd be making him a quilt soon, I had him look through and see if anything stood out to him. He said something about one of the lizzy house 1001 peeps prints, so i decided to use up all the prints I had in the collection for the quilt for his soon-to-arrive lil boy. I really like the whole collection - lizzy's take on arabian nights - and the colors are really beautiful. 
Because of the nature of the prints, I decided to use long strips - a pretty simple design.  
We were able to hand-deliver this one - here's the quilt draped on Asher's crib: 

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Katie Lessard said...

Okay, so this fabric is AWESOME. And sold out everywhere. I'm gonna have to keep an eye on Lizzie House fabrics- her lines are super fun and whimsical. Loving the Natural History line. Your blog is great and I love looking at your quilts (more here than you post on FB- woohoo!).