Saturday, April 5, 2014

the panda quilts: #25 and #26: BOY/GIRL TWINS!

QUILTS FOR BOY/GIRL TWINS! This was such a fun treat, making quilts for twins! Fabric selection was a no-brainer. I planned the girl quilt around the strawberries from Heather Ross' Briar Patch collection & the boy's around Ed Emberley's Frogs. I wasn't concerned with 'matching' the two quilts, but there was some continuity with the oranges and greens.

For the Froggy Quilt - triangles again, my good ole 99 formula (9 rows of 11, plus the half triangles for the ends)...9 Orange, 18 blue stripes, 27 Green, 27 blue, 36 Frogs.
laying out the triangles
quilt back
For the girl quilt, I made a bunch of half square triangles. I paired up the lotta orange crosshatch with a solid orange; 2 pink lizzy house prints, and the little clover flowers with solid white (representin' my 3 favorite fabric designers in this one: Lotta Jansdotter, Lizzy House and Heather Ross!)  I wanted the strawberries to be the focal point.
shhhhh, don't tell anyone, but this is my favorite quilt i've made
I could post about 10 pictures of different HST layouts I entertained... It was so fun arranging, then re-arranging all the possibilities. Dangerous work for an indecisive person.

quilt back

Me & the mom-to-be at the baby shower
The babies were born a few weeks ago - yippee! They live around the corner from me, so I have a feeling I'll be seeing lots of these two kiddos over the years. (Sorry for all the pictures- I managed to document these fairly well).

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lauren said...

I love love love that Ed Emberley fabric! With all of these lovely quilts you need to open an Etsy