Friday, January 2, 2015

the panda quilts: #33: candy-colored triangles quilt

This quilt was made for my friend Nicole and her mystery baby #3. Nicole and her husband are the only people I know who do not learn the sex of the baby, so...gender neutral quilt! I didn't quilt when boy #1 was born, but boy #2 was the recipient of this quilt (had to dig way back into the archives for that one, as it was the 3rd quilt I had made!)  

I started this quilt in August and planned it around this raindrop print made by Alexander Henry. I threw in orange, light blue, yellow and white solids, as well as a green lizzy house pearl bracelet print. 

Maybe I've been playing too much Candy Crush, but the colors remind me of that. 
perfect points!
When it came time to chose fabric for the back of the quilt, I was so sure they were going to have another boy that I almost used light blue fabric.  But my quilting buddies rooted for a more gender-neutral orange, which made sense since mom & dad are UT alumni. 
solid orange back, with raindrop stripe in the middle
This quilt sat on the shelf for a good two months, and I suppose I was too busy/lazy (depending on the day) to send it to Alabama. And then November rolled around and I got a text from Nicole announcing, "It's a boy!" (to which I replied, "of course it is!")  I sent Everett his quilt that very night. 
Congrats and love to the whole family! 

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