Tuesday, May 20, 2008


first, it was laryngitis on saturday. i started to lose my voice at the 5 spot, so i had some whiskey. (i thought it would help. it did not.)  yesterday i got checked out by a fine nurse practitioner at the walgreen's walk-in clinic. sinusitis and bronchitis.  she gave me an antibiotic and some steroids for the bronchitis. they must be working, because i slowly started to feel a bit better today. my voice is kinda back, but i am still hoarse.  i worked from home today & after my shift, i had a random burst of energy (or 'roid rage?) and cleaned up the computer room and organized files and stuff (atypical post-work behavior. i should have been resting!) i am afraid i won't be able to sleep tonight, and tomorrow's a 5:15am wake-up-call day AND i have four meeting to attend...must.rest.  sorry for the complaints. but at least this is happening before my island adventure.
and speaking of island adventures: courtney's off to japan!  how rad is that?!?!

ps: is it kosher to steal other people's flickr photos? i did a search for "sick bear" and got the above photo. 

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