Wednesday, May 21, 2008

random impulse buy

i read on slickdeals that the pixar movies were on sale on amazon, so without thinking twice, i bought this:
and it makes no sense. i don't even own the darjeeling limited yet.  but i bought toy story because it was on sale.  i needed something else to fill the cart so i could qualify for free shipping, so i also got the new karl pilkington book.  beware of slickdeals, or you may just buy something that you don't really want!  

*toy story came out in 1995, the year i graduated high school. then i took a trip to columbus, ohio with my dad, courtney, lara, and brandon to see r.e.m.  we borrowed lara's dad's van and the windshield wipers broke.  and brandon insisted we stop at gold star chili in cincinnati. it seems like a really, really, really long time ago.  

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Nicole said...

man, i love slickdeals. it really lives up to its name.