Monday, February 28, 2011

the great bedroom furniture re-arranging of 2011

our bedroom furniture has been in the exact same place ever since we moved here in 2005. we felt a little constrained by the air vent & tv cable placement.  last week we got an ikea expedit bookcase for the living room (record storage!) so we did a little switcheroo in that room. the yellow painted glass-door cabinet was temporarily moved into the bedroom.  then i started thinking about moving the bed to the wall with the windows, and a quick measurement proved that our queen-sized bed would fit (and it wouldn't block the air vent).  and the tv could move walls because we downgraded our cable package and got rid of the receiver in the bedroom.

of course, i decide to do all of this furniture moving 1) at 10 pm 2) when the mister is out of town. i guess adrenaline kicked in, and i have bruises all over my legs and a backache to prove it.  we had discussed making the painted yellow cabinet our living room entertainment center, so i moved that back into the living room, unhooked all the tv stuff, and tried it out. it was way too tall, so back into the bedroom it went. i also had to remove all the books from my bookcase in order to move it. and all of the mister's books too.
 the bed used to be on this wall

then the dresser with the tv lost one of the wheels/casters, and that brought my HGTV-inspired decorating dreams to a halt.  our dressers are part of my great uncle's furniture set and are probably about 70 years old. we no longer use the headboard because it's full size, but we do still have the 2 dressers and nightstand. seems like years of moving from dorm room to apartment to duplex and back again {coupled with the extremely heavy tv on top} finally took it's toll on the poor old thing.   anyway, at this point, it was around 1 am so i finished up what i could, took a benedryl (thanks, dust!) and went to bed. it was strange falling asleep facing a different direction (and my mind couldn't stop racing with what i could do to fix the dresser situation).

this morning, i measured the caster and figured that a cinder block was the PERFECT size to use on the wonky dresser. yay!  so i finished the final piece of my decorating puzzle (and went to target and got a new brown hamper to take the place of our silly plastic ikea one).

i plan on hanging up some more art eventually (especially on the wall below) and probably re-doing some of the knick-knacks, but i feel pretty happy with it.

 i am a little concerned that the yellow painted cabinet + the quilt look a little shabby chic/country cottage (barf!!!)...opinions?  it doesn't seem that way in person, but in the photos it kinda does.

i also would like to re-paint the room soon. when we painted a few years ago, it was so much better than the original puke-green color that i failed to realize the color is kind of baby-boy-nursery-blue.

sorry i don't have any "before" pictures.


Carolyn said...

Is painting the cute yellow cabinet an option? Seems like that would fix your shabby chic-ness! I really like the uncle's furniture btw.

The Blonde Mule said...

LOVE the new lay-out! But... the quilt/cabinet duo does read a little Shabby Chic in the pics. Agree with Carolyn's suggestion to paint the cabinet. Also, a new wall color may go a long way.

Bona Fide Mama said...

Looks really cute, Katie!

Panda Parables said...

thanks guys!
i dunno about painting the cabinet. i'd almost rather paint the room first! and i bet the pictures/art we put there will help. so no roses, rolling hills, etc. hahah