Saturday, February 5, 2011

a note about how i eat

from the looks of all my posts recently, it seems as if i've gone totally vegan. just to clarify: i am defintely not 100% vegan, although i've been dabbling in that way-of-cooking more and more lately.  i still eat some cheese. i still use half and half in my coffee (whenever i'm out of the coconut milk alternative). i don't scour the label on my loaf of bread to make sure there's no honey or milk ingredients.  i've been intrigued by vegan baking (especially scones and muffins) and i've gotten a few awesome vegan cookbooks that i've been using. at home, where i have 100% control of what i am cooking and eating, i have definitely become more aware of cooking with no animal stuff (as opposed to when i'm out in public and am force-fed cheese - ha ha). i've read books and articles on the matter, and although i am close as i've ever been to being a full-fledged vegan, i am not ready to make a commitment of it just yet.  especially since after almost 2 years of vegetarianism, i still have to explain to my dad that i don't eat chicken. i would blow his wisconsin-bred mind if i told him i am giving up cheese, too. 

anyway, i just wanted to make this clarification, especially since people might be visiting my blog after linking here from finding vegan, only to discover archived recipes for buttery cookies and cheesecakes and whatnot.

highly recommended (vegan) cookbooks:
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highly recommended (vegetarian) cookbooks:
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a photo a day said...

gah katie! what do you mean you eat vegan stuff but still eat cheese!?!?! that is ILLEGAL in most states!
anyway, i just want to say how much i appreciate your good example of eating, and how reasonable, pragmatic, and honest you are about your diet choices. i always say that i hate vegans, but its not because of what they eat, its because of how dogmatic they are about it and how they feel the need to remind you constantly of how and why they do it and how they "really dont miss butter" and all that bullshit. i think its great that you can appreciate vegan foods and continue to occasionally eat a cookie or a quesadilla when you know you deserve it. i think its a much more sustainable way of eating/dieting that we can all appreciate as a great example, in all areas of our lives.