Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Barbados - Friday May 30

Friday May 30
More sunbathing and snorkin. I woke up early and went down to the beach and started reading “Life of Pi”.  Thankfully, I got into it right away and managed to finish the whole thing on the trip.  Isn’t it a bummer when you take a new book along on a trip and you don’t get into it?  Grilled cheese and soup for lunch. 
After showering we went to sit at the beach for a minute.  Rollum put his feet in the water and ended up swimming in his pants because he couldn’t resist it.  He put a bunch of seaweed on his head, too.  I had my camera with me and captured it all. 

We asked the guy at reception about cheaper places to eat and ended up taking the bus into the “St Lawrence Gap” area.  We didn’t have change for a US $10, and one of the guys at reception gave us money for the bus fare.  $3 Barbados, which is $1.50 US.  Oh, I guess I didn’t explain how the currency situation works.  So as you can surmise, ½ US = 1 Barbados.  All the shops and restaurants accept US$, but you get the change back in Barbados dollars. 
The bus system is primarily used by locals.  The trip to St Lawrence Gap was about 45 minutes long.  As we rode through other parts of the island, we realized we were glad to be staying in Holetown.  We got off the bus and decided it was stupid to blindly go into another town without knowing where to go and what to do.   We went to another grocery store for some snacks (and mainly so I could make change for the bus ride home).  Ate pizza that was pretty good, waited a good 30 minutes for a return bus, and stopped at a gas station in Holetown for a 6-pack of Banks and a bottle of wine.  The gas station was really expensive and I grumbled the whole walk back about the $40 US we just spent on alcohol.  We went in the same place for a bottle of water a few days later and spent $8.  

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