Tuesday, June 10, 2008

we all scream for...

the ice cream man was in the neighborhood today, and i got a good humor cookie sandwich. 
now i am debating going to the Y.  my mind is telling me no, the ice cream sandwich is telling me yes. 
what kind of ice cream do you get from the ice cream man?  when was the last time you purchased something from the ice cream man?  do you call it "ice cream man" or "ice cream truck" ?  R & I had this conversation the other day.  He'd get one of those baseball mitt popsicle things.  


Mandy said...

i don't get anything from the ice cream man. i saw a woman driving an ice cream truck the other day. it threw me for a loop. i'd say it's been at least 17 years since i purchased anything from the ice cream man!

the orange bicycle said...

the one in east nashville is a rap song with a whistle! it's awesome. i haven't gotten ice cream from the ICE CREAM MAN since the m'boro days...but I always got the mickey mouse pops.

carolyn said...

the ICM comes by our house a couple times a day! we never get anything becuase he drives 60 in a 30, but if we did I would have what you got or that chocolate eclair thing:


David said he would get a push up.