Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Barbados - Sunday June 1

Sunday June 1
More snorkin and sunbathing. 
Aside from drug dealers, a few other people walk the beach to offer boat tours, jet ski rentals, etc.  We thought about doing a snork trip where you allegedly saw sea turtles, but it was just too expensive.  So we opted for a 2-person kayak, for only $20.  I was a little scared but Rollum promised we wouldn’t go too far out.  Once we got “out there” it was really peaceful and relaxing and we just drifted for awhile in the kayak.  I think we were out to sea for about 30-45 minutes? 

(see the boats? we kayaked past them.  also, notice the thing with the people.  it was a big, turf-covered floating square in the sea.  we'd snork out there, climb the ladder, and just chill for a bit). 

Spaghetti for lunch again.  Tried “New York Pizza” in Holetown for dinner.  It was like gas station pizza (St Lawrence pizza place was way better).  We went down to the hotel restaurant for some salads later that night, because we were both craving some real fresh food.  Played “War” (the card game.  We were bored). 

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