Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Barbados - Saturday May 31

Saturday May 31
You guessed it: more sunbathing and snorkin. 
I think that’s the day we walked over to Folkestone, a national park that supposedly had some good snorkin’ conditions.  The water was particularly rough and wavy that day.  The water at the Folkstone beach was also pretty shallow, so on top of being tossed around by the waves, we were really close to the rocks and reef areas.  I had seen an eel but continued on further.  Then I saw another slithery thing, screamed through my snorkel, and swam quickly back to a rock-free zone.  Rollum laughed at the whole situation because he had never seen me swim so quickly, and it turned out it was only a little sea slug.  He did more danger snorkin’.  There was an incredible church there too – the St James Parish church, built in 1847.  I wanted to take some pictures but I didn’t have my camera with me & we never went back there. 
Lunch of leftover pizza.  Outdoor beach place for supper – we got burgers and fries and Rollum discovered Barbados hot sauce mixed with ketchup on the fries.  Walked into a mysterious place called “play 2 win” that had a few video poker and slot machines (maybe 10 or 12 in the whole place?  We spent 5 Barbados dollars in a matter of minutes.  Didn’t win anything).  We also went to a bar called JDs for happy hour and talked to the bartender (a lady from Denmark) and the owner (British lady who loves Jack Daniels).  Told them we were from Tennessee and had been to the Jack Daniels distillery.  Back to the hotel for some nighttime beach wandering and snuck onto another hotel’s property to lay in their beach chairs under the pretty trees and almost fell asleep.
I think that was the day rollum was offered drugs on the beach.  We had gone down early that evening after our showers – rollum was wearing khakis and an oxford shirt and smoking a cheap cigar, and this toothless fellow approached us and asked rollum about the cigar.  Rollum went up to the room for the extra cheap cigar and gave it to him.  Then he asked rollum if he wanted to buy some coke and showed him a waterproof container of the stuff and offered him a sample of his wares.  Rollum said he didn’t do that stuff.  So he offered him some “rock.”  Rollum said no.  Then he asked “ganja” and rollum said no to that too.  I think he offered the cocaine first because Rollum was dressed like a yuppie.  (the whole time this was happening, I was busy reading my book).   

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