Sunday, March 9, 2008


...and welcome to my blog. do i need to make some sort of grand statement here?  to prove to you why this is worthy of your time?  everyone else is doing it so i will too?  no, that's not it.  i lead a particularly interesting life and i want to share it with you?  no, that's definitely not it either. i think i just need something that will get me to start writing again.  with the exception of a few emails here and there (and a few things for 'the rage' many moons ago), i've not really written anything  (eek! i graduated 8 years ago!)  i need some sort of outlet, even if i do just end up writing about the boring things i do.  so there.  that's my mission statement.

perhaps this will end up like the countless journals i started...write a few entries...and then forget about it.  but, i'll give it a go and see what happens.

because sometimes my life is more than get up (early), go to work, go to bed, and do it all over again. sometimes things are actually interesting!   

so why did i stop writing? i don't mean to make it seem like i used to be a prolific journalist or poet or anything. when i think back on it, i think unrequited love and loneliness were my inspiration and even if i was just emailing about those things to a friend or pen pal, i was still 'getting it out'. my feelings and stuff!  so then i found my true love and i wasn't so lonely and life was happy.  i actually had a person that filled my time, with pokemon cartoons and talking and laughing and getting-to-know-yous.  that was 8 years ago!  almost to the day. 
and then the other big thing: death.  for the most part, i've shut myself off and closed up shop, but (i think) i'm ready to open back up again. 
if true love and death aren't enough to get me writing again, i don't know what would.  but that's not even what this is about. i just need to start typing again.  typing things unrelated to my job. typing about my feelings and stuff. because i think i still have them? feelings? a feeling that's not sad, gloomy, heavy-hearted, or woeful.  i just need to remind myself of that sometimes.  

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carolyn said...

welcome back pal, we've missed ya!!!!