Thursday, March 27, 2008

things that suck just a little*

*Not in a “this sucks so much it’s gonna make me depressed or totally alter my life,” but in a “ooooohhh man! Suck!” sort of way. Because I realize that there are PLENTY of things going on that really, truly suck. sorry for saying "suck" so much.

-when your husband leaves a pan of cooking oil in a frying pan on medium heat, leaves the room, and returns 5 minutes later to a burning, smoking, smelly mess. And then the smell of burnt oil and smoke penetrates the whole house and the smell won’t go away, even after the windows have been open all day and the ceiling fan’s been blowing. And when he calls you at work to tell you about this & prefaces it by saying “I’m having a bit of an emergency” and then you panic for a second, before realizing he’s just going to tell you about a burning pan of cooking oil.

-when you pay for $13.95 limited basic (15 channel) cable and you have free hbo and showtime FOR YEARS and then they disappear (I think because they’ve made the fully digital upgrade or something-or-other). When you’ve become addicted to “weeds” and “dexter” and “flight of the conchords” and now you won’t be able to watch ‘em anymore. We’re still getting free “expanded” cable (70+ channels) so…Please, Comcast, please please please don’t take away my expanded cable. You’ve scarred me enough.

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