Sunday, March 9, 2008

sentimental about stupid things

i was just sorting through my makeup drawer, tossing out old things to make room for new (clinique bonus time at dillards!  i haven't bought clinique products in many years, but i thought i'd try the mild face soap again).

i have these little burt's bees lipstick things that my mom (oops, i mean santa) put in my stocking a long time ago, probably 6,7,8 years ago. i never used them and they are long since expired, but i can't throw them away because she gave them to me. same goes for a 9-year-old eyeshadow from victoria's secret.  if you ever come to my house, do me a favor and find these things and throw them away for me. yes, i am giving you permission to snoop through things in my bathroom and toss these things out, because i obviously can't do it myself.  i can see why my dad hasn't really sorted through/tossed out many of her belongings.  if i can't throw out a damned eyeshadow...what the hell?  


Cole said...

keep the goods and savor them :0) even if they rot in your drawer! I'm glad to see you on the's a great outlet and therapeutic, too...cheers to healing in writing!

Mandy Ray-Jones said...

i, too, have burt's bees lipsticks that my mom put in my stocking several years ago. i'm making michael buy me new ones b/c i can't use those.