Monday, March 17, 2008

top o' the morning

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. I’m not the least bit irish and find this day rather irrelevant, but I do like jigs.

I’m pleased to report that I had a super productive day on Saturday. I went to the Y for about an hour (treadmill & bike) and came home and tackled the computer room. I took everything out & rearranged furniture…and decided it would be a good idea to move the cd cabinet from the living room into the computer room (i was able to slide it across the laminate floor, but hit a road block as soon as I reached the carpet. So it lived in the hallway overnight until R could move it the rest of the way. Keep in mind this thing holds 900 cds. It’s heavy. And I thought I’d be able to do it myself. Hahah!) Anyway, the computer room looks great, but now the rest of the house is in utter disarray. I’d love to paint the living room soon & my goal is to un-media-fy the room. Between cds, dvds, records… it overtakes the space and I’m sick of it. so moving the cd cabinet out was a step in the right direction.

Sunday I picked R up from the airport. we drove around Murfreesboro trying to find a place to eat. Kinda hard since everything seemed to be closed and we wanted to avoid a chain. {so sad that Calypso is gone}. Went to the new World Market at “the Avenue”…and spent $60 on a wok, a wooden spoon, and Haribo gummy candies (keep in mind the wok + spoon = $14…so do the math on how much money was spent on candy). Also grocery shopping at Super Target where we redeemed a $25 off $100 coupon…and EVERYTHING was out of stock. if that had been my first time there, I wouldn’t have had such glowing reviews of the place. Sold out of grapes! The nerve!


Nicole said...

i was also trying to find a place to eat in the boro yesterday. i ended up at thai spice on rutherford and really liked it. good portions and nice presentation. i think you and rollum would like it.

on the way home from the boro i checked out the new super target based on your excellent review. it was a mad house. no fresh mushrooms! i still managed to spend about $75 though.

Mandy Ray-Jones said...

we only spent $18.00 at the super target. i liked the one dollar bunch of broccoli and cauliflower.

as for places to eat in the boro:

we like fusian, red robin (I know I know), jason's deli, ahart's pizza garden... hmmm... all of our favorites are gone now, sadly.