Tuesday, March 11, 2008

super target

Since we bought our house in Smyrna more than 3 years ago, our friends have bluntly asked, “why do you live there?!?” My reply is usually that I wanted to live close to my parents; that we couldn’t have found a decent place in east Nashville in our price range; and without traffic we’re only 20 minutes away from Nashville, etc. But now, I have a new excuse: SUPER TARGET! What makes this target super is an expanded grocery section. I didn’t realize just HOW expanded it would be, but we literally gasped when we turned the corner of “regular” Target and came to a huge produce section/deli counter/bakery. We do most of our grocery shopping at Publix, so the prices were comparable (and in some cases cheaper. Case in point: whenever I make this recipe I pay $5.29 for a container of mascarpone cheese. At ST, it was only $2.99! and those little bags of fresh herbs were only $1. also, the frozen organic stuff {amy’s} was way cheaper too).

Some other notes:
-the bakery section had Naan. Didn’t buy any but will try it next time we cook Indian at home.
-it may take me awhile to get used to the layout
-it may also take me awhile to remember that I can actually do my full-on grocery shopping at Target
-they sold Origins skincare products

If you guys ever try the mascarpone pasta recipe I linked above, I have a few slight adaptations. The recipe calls for 1 ¼ cups of the mascarpone. I usually buy one container (which is 1 cup) and then use ¼ cup Neufchatel cream cheese, which is significantly cheaper. I also use basil instead of chives. Fresh parmesan also makes a huge difference.


theblondemule said...

My parents live in Smyrna, so I'm there a lot. I've been waiting on that Super Target to open. I'm so there this weekend!

Cole said...

Your recipe looks yum, I'm always searching for new ones! We just got a superT here, too! I like it, it was a bit hectic and I didn't have tons of time to stroll, but it is wonderful! Keep letting us know what you find there!

April said...

i visited the smyrna supertarget on saturday! i was asked if i needed help 9 times (after i realized they were asking so often that i decided to start counting). the bakery was amazing.

smyrna life ain't so bad now.

ps-thanks for the link to our blog!