Friday, March 21, 2008

perfect weather

what a beautiful day!  i worked a 3-hr shift from home & spent 1 hour of it outside.  then the laptop felt like it was going to catch fire, so i went inside. just ate a grilled cheese sandwich (quality cheese + good (great harvest) bread = delicious sandwich). so it's officially the weekend, and it's already shaping up to be a busy one.  must make some spanish rice for a gathering tonight.  my family's doing a post-church brunch/lunch on easter sunday so i've gotta bake some muffins and/or coffee cake-type thing for that.  i haven't decided on a recipe yet. and an engagement party to attend saturday night.
not much else to report...happy easter, pals & i'll be back if i think of anything worthwhile to say. 


dana said...

it's a gorgeous day in pismo beach, as well! i enjoy reading your blog--i've had one for a while and i am thinking of actually writing something soon. ciao! dana

Mandy Ray-Jones said...

yummmmy. i'm so hungry and now i want a grilled cheese sandwich. i hope your Easter was fab. xxoo