Saturday, March 15, 2008

to-do list

it's saturday morning and i thought i'd make a list of things i'd like to accomplish this weekend. i have severe motivation problems. so bad that sometimes i end up watching the 'america's next top model' marathon on vh1 for 3 hours. that's bad. so maybe this will help keep me in line, since i'll have a place to report back to on my accomplishments (and failures). lord knows i don't want to tell you that i spent my saturday evening watching "home alone" on fx.
  • go to ymca (potential excuse: R has my ipod)
  • organize office (potential excuse: i'm too overwhelmed by the piles of CD-R's and books)
  • sort through receipts for taxes (potential excuse: it's boring. and somewhat depressing to see what we spent our money on for an entire year)
 here's the office. i need a curtain for that window. 
last week i took a boring laminate bookshelf and covered it in wrapping paper. i need to figure out if i should keep it in the bedroom or bring it into the office. 


theblondemule said...

I totally have you beat. Last Thursday I was so exhausted, I came home at 4:30 & watched TiVo until I fell asleep around 10:00. That's roughly 6 1/2 hours of TV. It's astounding I had any brain cells left on Friday.

carolyn said...

I love the bookshelf!!!